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Why Elevation Demand

I’m closing in on a month since starting Elevation Demand, so I figured it was time to officially announce my move. I’ve spent a lot of my initial time talking with colleagues in the health tech space, explaining the idea, and describing what I want to accomplish. At the highest level, I’m starting Elevation Demand to help early-stage health tech companies scale their sales teams.

What does that actually mean? It means we’re taking the risk out of hiring sales development reps. We provide our customers with an on-demand team that is experienced selling into healthcare organizations. Outsourcing sales development isn’t a new concept and there are plenty of options out there. What differentiates us is that we understand the healthcare market and have experience selling into solo-provider practices, 20-provider independent practices, 2,000 provider IDNs, and everything in between.

I’ve been asked, more than a few times, some variation of the questions, “What makes you special?” or “What’s your secret for getting meetings?” Unfortunately, there isn’t a special formula. It takes iteration, consistency, flexibility and, ultimately, the level of experience that we offer. We work closely with startup founders and early sales leaders to build out a process that works for their unique market position and product. Our model is meant to be flexible whether our customers want five, fifteen, or more meetings per month. We can quickly scale up or down depending on company and market conditions. And, since we only charge for qualified meetings, our customers will be able to better control their customer acquisition costs.

While we’d love to serve as our customers sales development team for the long term, the reality is that some might decide its best to hire their own SDRs. By starting with us, they’ll have the playbook in place to successfully onboard their team. Our primary goal is to provide the right people and process, at the right time, to reduce the risks inherent in scaling the team.

Why the name Elevation Demand? Obviously, there is some play on the “Elevation” piece. We’re going to elevate your sales dev process, elevate your company, blah blah. The real reason is that I love the mountains and said if I ever started a company, there would be a mountain in the logo. More than a few hours were spent on the thesaurus and “googling” mountain terms before I decided on Elevation.

I wish I were more clever, but alas, I think the naming process speaks to what our customers can expect when working with us. We’re going to be transparent and honest. We’ll do our best to work with our customers on whatever timing and financial constraints they have. We won’t have all the answers to start with and we won’t tell you we do.  

I want Elevation Demand to be a great place to start a career, and I want to help our customers build great companies. If you’re interested in learning more about Elevation Demand, schedule some time with me here!