Elevation Demand
Demand generation for early stage health tech companies

Elevation Demand

Demand generation for early stage health tech

Elevation Demand provides you with the sales skills and expertise you need, when you need it most. We are focused specifically on healthcare technology, so we understand the unique challenges and dynamics that exist in healthcare today. Instead of putting your early stage company at risk by hiring an expensive VP of Sales or entry level sales development rep, we can support your growth by offering:

Predictability We'll build your playbook to consistently generate new opportunities for your team. At the end of our engagement, you'll have a predictable process in place that anyone can execute. 

Less Risk Hiring a new rep comes with many risks. Aside from the hard financial costs and long ramp period, there is no guarantee your new rep will succeed.  According to the Bridge Group, the average tenure of an Sales Development Rep (SDR) is 1.4 years. As soon as you get comfortable with your rep, you should start looking for the next one.

Healthcare Expertise There are unique challenges that exist when selling into healthcare organizations. Understanding the different personas, organizational structures, and technology in healthcare takes years to understand. 


Let us know if you're interested in learning more about our services by emailing info@elevationdemand.com or book a meeting directly on our calendar.


Sales development

We offer options to get your demand generation programs off the ground. From providing you with an actionable plan to get you started, to acting as an extension of your team and executing campaigns on your behalf. No matter where you are in your lifecycle, we can help.

All of our demand generation programs include on-going coaching to ensure you're achieving consistent pipeline growth.

sales operations & enablement

The number of sales & enablement tools has exploded in recent years. We can help you identify which tools will provide the most value within your budget. Sales reps have a reputation of not adopting technology but those days are long gone. Providing them with tools they will actually use (and possibly even enjoy) will go a long ways in helping you build a data driven sales process.