Elevation Demand
Demand generation for early stage health tech companies



guided sales development

For founders or sales leaders that want to execute campaigns on their own but want some support along the way.

We'll help you build a plan for engaging with your prospective customers by identifying who they are, where you can find them, and the best sequence for generating opportunities. You'll have the choice of using our technology to execute campaigns or using your own.

When you’re ready to start, we’ll do account and contact research so you have prospects ready to contact on a weekly basis. We'll be meeting with you to provide coaching and analysis on a monthly basis to make sure you're getting the most out of your campaigns.

managed sales development

Most popular with early stage companies that have their first few customers and are close to product market fit.

Managed Sales Development means we do all the heavy lifting to provide you with qualified opportunities. We'll work closely with your team to build out customer profiles and target personas, build targeted account and lead lists, and execute campaigns as an extension of your team.

Campaigns consist of email, social, and phone outreach and are continuously optimized based on feedback we receive. After a meeting is complete, you have the choice to take over the sales process or we can continue to drive follow-up meetings with your prospects.

Sales development foundation

For companies that aren’t achieving results or for companies that want to build an internal team but need help building the foundation.

We know that outsourcing the actual sales development process isn’t for everyone. For companies that do build in-house, we’re happy to offer our experience to get your team off the ground or help your current team achieve the best results possible.